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Hola chicos DE PRIMER SEMESTRE. Es urgente que entren a este sitio. Copien y peguen la direcciòn en la barra de direcciones. Llenen el formato de registro Y LE DEN CLICK EN REGISTRAR. En su cuaderno anoten su correo y contraseña registrado.


Play activities

http://produccionespelycano.com/errors.html  (1)



Hi guys these are the play activities you have to print and take to the class the day before the play . Go to this website (1) and click on the link "download activities".

Here you also have  the links for the videos you have to watch to help you understand the important details of the plot.

Kisses and hugs. :P

sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Comparative activities 310A



Hi guys. Just solve the exercises online. You can copy them on your notebook or print them and paste them, already solved, on your notebooks - on notes section, NO on self-access.

See you on Monday.

Nice Sunday.

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Title page Sample

Oral presentation Formats

Rules to follow

1. Always keep your material with you. Otherwise you will not be able to stay in class.

2. Nobody but you should use your material.

3. Note-taking is student's responsability.

4. Neither the portfolio activities nor the class work will be checked if they don't fulfill the proper requirements (book in pencil, dates and covers).

5. Mistakes must be corrected immediately (correction means repeating everything once more).

6. Portfolio tasks will be checked only within the deadline.

7. Regarding to the portfolio activities every single page must be labelled with name, class and i.d. number typed or printed.

8. Plagiarized works will not be checked.

9. No electronic gadgets are allowed in class (i.e mobile phones, Cd player, MP3, MP4, ipod's etc). Otherwise they will be taken away.

10. The class will no start unless Students and classroom are ready to do so. The topic to be seen on that date will be taken for granted and tasks as well.

11. Neither food nor beverages are allowed in class. Otherwise they will be thrown away.

12. Follow instructions carefully.

13. Attendance is up to you, therefore leaving the classroom for any reason is not allowed.

14. Respect one to each other.

"Quality means doing things right at first"